• General Power of Attorney (GPA) to be signed by the Waqf Board/Waqf institution in favour of NAWADCO.
  • Board Resolution or NOC issued by respective State Waqf Board.
  • Fee Agreement to be signed by & between Waqf Board/Waqf institution and NAWADCO.
  • Details of the waqf property (Total Area in square metres, square feet, Location/Address/ Khasra Number) etc.
  • Non-encumbrance certificate of vacant & readily available waqf property from concerned Waqf Board.
  • Difference between actual & documental measurement, if any.
  • Ownership / Title document of the Waqf property / Gazette Notification etc.
  • Valuation of Waqf land / plot / property as approved by the Valuer (certificate) alongwith:-

    A) Current Circle Rate of the property, as declared by the concerned authority / Municipal corporation.
    B) Current Market Rate of the property, as per the prevailing market trend.
    C) Current Market Value of the property, the price fixed for registering a conveyance at the office of the Registrar or sub-Registrar as per Rule-7 of Waqf Properties Lease (Amendment) Rules, 2020.

  • Land use as per municipal records & as per gazette notification.
  • Any market liability on the subject property, if any.
  • Mansha-e-Wakif (desired proposal).
  • Any sanction / objection / notice received from local Govt. authorities in past, if available.
  • Site Layout Plan & Development Plan, if any.
  • Feasibility report, if any, conducted by Waqf institution or Waqf Board or any other third party.
  • Any construction started on the property as on date, if any.
  • Prevailing current market lease rental of commercial built-up space in that area, if known, for the purpose of feasibility assessment.
  • Any other documents, if available.