National Waqf Development Corporation Limited

(Established under the Aegis of Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India)


India has the largest number of Waqf properties in the world,  4.9 Lakhs registered Auqaf (properties), approx.6 Lac acres of Land. Most of it, in prime urban areas which can be developed for  residential, commercial & institutional purposes. Approximate book value of the land is about Rs.1.2 Lac crores which fetch present annual income about Rs.163 crore only, which can be augmented up to Rs.12,000 crores per annum (considering only 10% p.a. return), if these properties are managed and developed professionally.
Since NAWADCO is established by the Central Government of India under the aegis of Ministry of Minority Affairs to support State Waqf Boards/ Waqf Institutions (Mutwallis) in India to increase their wealth by giving them right direction through proper advise and actions hence prominent members, ulama, religious leaders, intellectuals and elite from the community should come forward to support NAWADCO for the socio economic upliftment of the Muslim Minorities in India.   
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